Wolfy is a seasoned professional tattoo artist with over 29 years experience, proficient in most styles including; realism, old school, portraits, black n grey, free hand, neo traditional, ultra violet, dotwork and many more.

Wolfy has worked with several well known artists in several studios spanning over half of the south of England and Wales. He strives for excellent customer service and care.

Wolfy is friendly and easy to talk to, always ready to discuss your plans and ideas for your bespoke tattoos.


Ever since I was young , I loved to draw. I would draw everything and anything that gave me inspiration. Over time I discovered I had a true passion for sketch, paint and other art techniques. When the time came to pursue my dream and study art at University in Poland, I unfortunately could not do so due to financial issues. I studied graphic specialisation at  IT school for 4 years, then moved to England to follow my dream of working Professionally in the Arts Industry.

I now have this perfect opportunity to show off my work through the Tattoo Industry.

Laura – aka Sid

Laura joined us part time in Sept 2019 as our apprentice whilst doing fine art at Uni. She has since finished Uni so is with us full time

Laura has a real passion for art, she started drawing at the age of 13 and loves to express herself through her artwork. Laura especially loves Sci-fi and anything mystical. Laura is nearing the end of her apprenticeship and is currently tattooing clients with her own designs.

When she isn’t tattooing you will find her with a pencil in her hand designing her next piece!

The name ‘Sid’ comes from Sid the Sloth in Ice Age as she is so clumsy like him as she is always tripping over, dropping things or falling off chairs!!