Emrah Gulen

I am originally from Turkey but have lived in Bournemouth for several years.
I have always had a flare for art & design and Tattooing has allowed me to turn my passion into a career.
I have been tattooing professionally for 4 years and love nothing more than putting ink to skin and creating a piece of art that is admired and loved by its recipient.
I specialise in black & grey, old school and portraits but any style is just as enjoyable


Wolfy is a seasoned professional tattoo artist with over 29 years experience, proficient in most styles including; realism, old school, portraits, black n grey, free hand, neo traditional, ultra violet, dotwork and many more.

Wolfy has worked with several well known artists in several studios spanning over half of the south of England and Wales. He strives for excellent customer service and care.

Wolfy is friendly and easy to talk to, always ready to discuss your plans and ideas for your bespoke tattoos.


Ever since I was young , I loved to draw. I would draw everything and anything that gave me inspiration. Over time I discovered I had a true passion for sketch, paint and other art techniques. When the time came to pursue my dream and study art at University in Poland, I unfortunately could not do so due to financial issues. I studied graphic specialisation at  IT school for 4 years, then moved to England to follow my dream of working Professionally in the Arts Industry.

I now have this perfect opportunity to show off my work through the Tattoo Industry.


Everyone knows me as “Stag”, I learnt my trade through the Legendary mentor “Wolfy”. I studied art at College ,but Tattooing has been my absolute passion from an early age. I  enjoy doing black and grey realism and all degrees of dotwork. Am always open to expand my portfolio and work with clients ideas.

Meg Lavery

Drawing has been with me from a young age and as I have grown my passion for it has lead me into the Tattoo Industry. I have always dreamed of tattooing and being able to give people something they can love and cherish forever. Film,Anime, Gaming and Fantasy have been the biggest influences within my work. I mainly work with realism and Illustration but I am always wanting to challenge myself and practice with different styles. I am so excited to be a part of the INKED team and to learn in this amazing trade.

Charlotte Palmer

I have now worked for over 20 years in the beauty industry and after developing a passion to help clients make the most of their eyes, I can create sleek, naturally defined eyebrows, using the latest in Microblading techniques and pigments.

A welcoming offer of semi-permanent at £180, usually priced at £250 will be my gift to you for a limited time.

Microblading is a freehand, feather-styling technique of applying semi-permanent  eyebrows, which allow us to change the brows we were born with in to the brows we have always wanted.  So no more patchy, uneven brows, this is a solution to get the brows you deserve!

Emma Gibb

Emma (current apprentice from Bournemouth) likes to challenge her knowledge and understanding to produce at from all different medias and styles in the artwork she produces.
She enjoys mostly black and grey portraiture styles and traditional tattoo designs. She is currently building her portfolio whilst being trained with piercing and tattooing customers.


Akos is originally from Hungary he has always had a passion for art and he started drawing at a very young age. He has been with us for about 1 year now finishing off his apprenticeship under his mentor Wolfy. Akos loves line work and black n grey work. His passion is to become a portrait artist, which on fake skin he has shown real talent